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Well, let’s not make this sound boring with the typical phrase like “A healthy mind comes from a healthy body” because we are all tired of such fancy slogans. Plus, outdoor activities for kids are so rare nowadays that almost no one is motivated enough to get out of the cozy blanket every morning and expose himself to the challenges out there. All pieces of advice seem too bookish to be true and nothing is practically happening in the real world, right? Well, we are sure you feel the same, and that is why you need to read this till the end.

If we tell you that the idea of professional sports is no more the thing for the privileged alone and that even you can excel in any sport you want, would it be difficult for you to believe us? The answer may be YES, but what if you actually get an equal chance to train yourself in your favorite game and that too in a professional sports academy just like those tennis and basketball celebrities you only see on TV and wonder why it is them who just got lucky? Good news, mates! HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO BECOME PROFESSIONALS JUST LIKE YOUR IDEALS.

We also offer our place to corporate bodies and agencies for team building events and community functions. If you are a concerned parent and are looking for a reliable sports school for your young kid during the summer holidays, let us inform you that we also hold holiday camps when children are exposed to many different sports and are coached regarding basic rules of every game as well. Our trend of inter-club tournaments is a win-win for your child where healthy competition and eventful teaching broadens the kid’s vision about sports and physical fitness. So, don’t hesitate, enroll yourself in SIMBR sports.

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SIMBR Sports


Where dreams come true

“SIMBR sports” is the name of a dream that materialized as an academy in UAE. At our professional sports academy, you can get answers to all the questions in your mind about sports and physical fitness. We give you the best opportunities and facilities to learn tennis, basketball, football, badminton, roller skating and volleyball. Not only do we provide you with all the basic and advanced facilities to become a professional player in the game of your choice but also manage for you highly skilled and professional coaches and teachers.

We offer physical fitness and mental health

As we know, sports is just not restricted to the grooming of your physical body, it encompasses all aspects of your mental health and life perspective. Those of you who have been in touch with sports for quite some time would know that to bring out the best in your body, you have to train your mind first. If you are not in the right mental orientation to take up a task or to meet a challenge, it is highly likely that you will end up wasting your energy and time. We, at SIMBR sports, cater to the psychological needs of sportsmen and fitness aspirants.

Theory and practical, hand in hand!

Human body is a complete subject and mere theoretical learning about your physiology isn’t sufficient to become a great athlete. SIMBR sports make sure that the curriculum we teach to our students makes them do in the field what they study in books, and most importantly, study in books what they do in the field. This mutual coherence and functional harmony between the mind and the body at the right time is essential to the growth of a sportsman; otherwise, mere running on the track for several hours will is a direction-less effort.

We share your goals

As a sports academy, our first priority is to correctly tutor our students about the most relevant aspects of their sports of choice. An enlightened, aware and educated sportsman performs way better than a person who drains himself without any proper brainstorming over what he is doing and why. Hence, we streamline your goals and divide the whole struggle in different steps and then help you take every step wisely. We believe in enhancing the productivity of your body through smart training, latest technology and healthy training atmosphere, and we do that by offering nationally recognized sports courses.

A place for amateurs and professionals alike

SIMBR sports is the hub of fitness for both amateurs and professionals. As a specialized sports institution, we also act as the best facility of outdoor activities for kids and adults both. Whether you are a young passionate lad who wants to make a career in any famous sport or a retired senior citizen who is looking for a proper place to exercise on daily basis to just stay fit, SIMBR sports is THE place for you. Especially, if you are living in Dubai or anywhere close to Al Quasis, Al Nahda, Deira, or the border of Sharjah, our sports academy is the best place for a daily physical work-out for you.

Best Sports Infrastructure

Our academy infrastructure is unique and is ornamented with highly immaculate environment. We possess both indoor and outdoor facilities for people who are interested in learning tennis, football, badminton, volleyball or basketball. We have courts, halls, and grounds, all of which are almost always full of kids and adults playing and practicing their sports. In our premises, kids learn everything from basics to advanced level techniques in the genre of all the sports we offer.


  • Krishna Sir has been my coach for the past three years and I have gotten used to his teaching style and it has helped me a lot. Even today, he corrects all my mistakes and teaches me from the beginning if it it necessary. He gives me a lot of practice in every aspect. For example, during every class I usually practice service which is very important during tournaments. He also helps a lot with my fitness. He regularly tells me what to do in order to keep my body fit. He has really improved my game a lot and the rallies I play with him are both very enjoyable and are a learning experience.

    Meera Chidambaram
  • This is a feedback letter for Mr. Krishna , my experience of having him as a tennis coach has been very informative, he has great techniques which he explains in a patient and easy to learn manner, he has a nice demonstrating method and doesn’t tire of repeatedly explaining to students, which i think is a great quality. During group lessons, there is always a nice synchronisation and rhythm of how much time student gets his undivided attention. group activities are great and fun.

    Ayesha Abdullah