About Us



SIMBR Sports was just a humble start-up back in 2015 when we took the initiative of making sports facilities accessible to the general public at reasonable rates and, at the same time, bring the touch of career making in the arena of sports. We were a few sports enthusiasts who sat together and realized that we shared similar dreams of promoting sports in this region of UAE; hence, we improvised resources and took the first step towards establishing a world-class sports academy in Dubai.

When we started, there were quite a lot of personal coaching options for sports in UAE but almost all of them were either privately organized on smaller scale or not legally registered as a sports authority. So the need was to come up with a tentative solution because, in the past, UAE didn’t have many registered facilities for anyone who wants to officially pursue sports as a lifetime career. So we, a group of passionate friends, embarked on the journey of creating something big. We contacted the government officials, the relevant authorities and the local community to float this idea of making a prestigious sports academy.

We train you best

If you want to learn tennis, badminton, football, basketball, skating or volleyball in the proper sense of the game and have always dreamt of becoming a celebrity who is asked for autographs as he steps down the field, then you have a chance. But, mind you, the road is full of ups and downs and there shall come many moments in your journey when you would be at the verge of giving up. To stay strong, you need hardcore training from the right person in the field. Here is where the team of SIMBR Sports has got your back and is determined to groom you to success.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce world-class players in all the sports as well as contributing to the overall health and fitness of the society. We cultivate a friendly learning environment where the students not only get to the necessary freedom to test their potentials but also receive lessons for inculcating in them the sportsman spirit. We put all our efforts in developing the overall personality of our students and pay special heed to fortify the mental health, dietary ethics, bodily stamina and decision making skills of every pupil enrolled in our professional training programs.

Officially recognized Sports Academy in UAE

Today, our efforts have brought fruit as SIMBR Sports stands out among the mushroom of sports institutions in the UAE. We are the favorite choice for both amateur and professional sportsmen of UAE to exercise and train themselves in all aspects of the field. We have been accredited with official certificates by General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, UAE. We have worked massively in collaboration with Governing bodies of famous sports in UAE, for instance, Tennis Emirates that looks over all the national proceedings and events of Tennis in this region, and much more has been achieved in the recent years.

We offer specialized training programs that target each sport and conduct regular classes to formally teach and coach students in their respective sports subjects. Our curriculum and training courses for all sports are officially recognized by the national and international institution and, therefore, help you make a promising career out of it. We believe sports must be incorporated in the mainstream professional career choices across UAE and that is why we are working hard day and night to dish out the perfect future opportunity for you.


We make you fit

As a sports academy, we advocate the involvement of sports in the life of everyone regardless of their age and profession. Here, we not only make professionals but also invite the amateurs to use our facilities to stay fit for life. Whether you are a young school going kid passionate about a particular sport or a 50 years old grandpa looking for suitable location to go for a daily morning walk or yoga, SIMBR Sports academy is the best place for you all. Our premise acts as a happy place for all outdoor activities for kids every day.

Best Sports Teaching Faculty

One of the distinguishing features of SIMBR sports is our faculty. By the dint of hard work and professional networking, we have taken on board the best coaches in UAE for each sport out there. Our coaches are well-trained and highly experienced. They know how to deal with each age group differently because they understand the psychology and ambitions of students from different backgrounds and localities. Additionally, the effective coaching style is augmented with a brilliantly designed curriculum that encompasses all dimensions under the ambit of a particular sport.

Be a part of our sports family

We are equipped with the latest equipment, great company, immaculate infrastructure, methodical training system, proficient coaches and, most importantly, all this in very reasonable prices; hence the reason we are the most popular Sports Academy in the whole UAE. The feedback and the support from our students, alumni and their families have been overwhelming to the core. That speaks much about our way of business; we think of you as a family and invest in you all our knowledge and experience with high hopes that you will not only prove yourself to the world but also pay back to the community.