Football, as a sport, has conquered the world of sports. Be it your favorite uncle or your younger brother, surely they both are huge fans and will always be seen talking about it. Even those people who are not interested in this game know when the world cup is approaching, take part in the centuries old debate about who is better? Messi or Ronaldo? And, sometimes, feel bad about not knowing much about football. So, we can't deny that the global domination of football is gargantuan and reaches stadiums or households equally and inspires a million people around the globe.


Eldest sibling of sports

Now, if we look into the history of this world favorite sport, we find that kicking a ball had always naturally pleasurable for human beings since second and third centuries BC but in that Era the earliest and the most raw form of football was used in China to train soldiers and put an extra grind on their physical capabilities. This sport was named as Tsu’ chu in the times of the legendary Han dynasty and was not less than a challenge. A ball made up of leather filled with feathers or hair was used. According to the information gathered over time, it is said that the player was attacked physically by his opponents and he was not permitted to use his hands but only feet, chest, back and shoulders to tackle his opponents and also to kick the ball in a net standing on long bamboo canes.

The chance to become a star

In today's world, this is neither merely a way to train people into tough individuals physically and mentally nor a hobby but a multi-billion grossing international industry. No Forbes list of the most influential or the richest celebrities is complete without at least having more than two dozen International Football players. We all find ourselves drooling over such stars who are literally dominating the world of fame and achievement. But they didn't reach such grandeur by accident or by mere luck. They had to work hard and literally beyond their physical, emotional and mental capacities. They train no less than a soldier getting ready to fight in a battlefield. In fact, this hard work and grind is what makes them superior to other people.

We share your dreams

Hence, training is the root of success and if one finds a great training center that covers all the essential aspects, he surely is going to reach a professional level like any of the world's biggest stars. Our training center is exactly the definition of what a great player needs. We have our spacious grounds that are designed according to the international football stadiums. Our coaching team is dedicated to the cause and that is to make you reach the highest level of your success. Our coaches have the experience of training some of the international players and they know exactly the secret to become one. They not only train you on the field but teach you techniques given by science to enhance your natural skills.

A team of nutrionists is also available all the time to advice you a diet plan customized to your natural built and metabolism. They make sure you maintain the lowest amount of fats and more amount of muscles which is absolutely necessary. Our gym offers you personal trainers and equipment of all kind that helps you work the muscles out. The best thing about us is that we use a multidisciplinary approach to train you and to enhance your natural capabilities. We keep a record of your performance in gym, ground and diet plans and we present this record to you regularly so you can see the improvement yourself.

We have proved over time that we lack no facility or coaching used in West to shape amateurs into professionals, so if you are in UAE and have a dream to become a professional football player, SIMBR training center is the best you can ever get. Join us and let us help you in achieving your goals and reaching your dreams.